• Brain Sprouts Memory System an eff ective technique of teaching people how to memorize and how to improve their memory on issues that matter to the partici-pant. Are you forgetful with names? These CDs will teach you how to eff ectively remember names of multiple new people. Brain Sprouts Memory System teaches you how to remember speeches, new vocabulary, songs, foreign languages, and numbers. The key to the system is visualization techniques combined with tapping into aspects of our mind which we normally neglect.

    3-1/2 Hours of Step by Step Instruction for Students, Professionals and Seniors

  • Feeding Your Cells and Your Selves – The Whole Person

    Vicki Mizel presents 10 hours of interviews with leaders in areas of cognitive enhancement including:
    • Dr. Ortega St John
    • Arnold Bresky
    • Tonya Kaplan
    • Maria Levine
    • Beverly Anne Wilson
    • Vicki Mizel
    • Timothy Binder
    • Kharma Singh Khalsa


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