Vicki Mizel is a teacher, counselor, author, actress and professional speaker.

Ms. Mizel has been teaching innovative memory techniques for over 16 years to students of all ages and abilities.

Her techniques are used in business, corporations, schools, universities and even film studios. They have also been used in training stroke, brain injured, and Alzheimer’s patients and their support staff.  These courses have been offered from L.A. to New York.

Vicki Mizel has a passion for Alzheimer’s patients. She teaches them pantomime, improvisation, memory training and they improve.

Vicki’s first Alzheimer’s group was in 1984 to 1989. She had the same results working with older adults and Alzheimer’s from 2001 to 2004.

She now offers her programs to therapists, heath care practitioners, medical facilities, spouses and caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients and their loved ones. She also trains actors with learning scripts and characterization.

Ms. Mizel also assists individuals, pre-retirees and companies through career transition with her program, “Passion Quest: Finding the Work You Love and Loving The Work You Do!”

She is the author of the book, Love Remembers. This book is the culmination of her knowledge and expertise, offered to the reader in her belief that we can all retrieve, enhance and cherish our memories. (A guide to help caregivers and spouses of Alzheimer’s loved ones.)

To book a memory seminar, purchase a memory course or cognitive enhancement interviews, please contact Vicki.