Memory Course Testimonials

Teacher evaluations from San Diego City Schools:
This program was interesting and useful. Ms. Mizel was outstanding! My students stayed after class to ask questions.

C. Chandle

Dear Vicki,

I’m writing to let you know how much benefit I’ve derived from your memory names course. Since I’ve been a child, I’ve always had a “complex” about not remembering people’s names. I would find myself nervous and self-conscious. Imagine my sense of freedom upon finding this not to be a problem anymore.” As you know, I work in the media, meetings daily with numerous people in broadcasting, radio, and print. Remembering names is essential. The techniques that you so capably and entertainingly taught have been immensely useful. I feel very confident upon meeting new people and actually have fun using your techniques. Thanks, again.

Arlene West

A very positive and delightful individual. Great rapport with children.

M. De La Torr

Outstanding! One of the best I’ve seen on any theme.

B. Anderson

Dear Vicki,

I’d just like to send you personal notes of thanks for the presentation that you gave my staff in the IBM New York Briefing Center. It was certainly an enjoyable session where everyone not only learned about memory training, but also got to know something about themselves as well. I wish you luck with your memory training courses in the future.Thanks again for all your help, style, and consideration. We all enjoyed the session a great deal and it was a lot of fun.

Joe Gieger, New York City

Passion Quest Testimonials

Really neat stuff- It feels as though I have already actualized a dream.

Peter Snyder, NYC

Vicki, You are wonderful! You’ve opened up new horizons for me as I’m sure for everyone else. I love the environment you create, your presence, essence, warmth and humor. You allow people to grow. You’ve allowed me to grow. I thank you.

Karen Meyer

I feel that it was a wonderful awakening to life. Vicki is such a delight and really helped to open each and every individual in the class.

Jean Jensen, NYC

“Passion Quest is about knowingness, transforming our learned false perceptions of who we should be and allowing ourselves to touch that inner, beautiful, blissful essence. And in only two short nights -wow.”