Brain Sprouts Exercise Physiology for the Mind

is an effective technique of teaching people how to memorize and how to improve their memory on issues that matter to the participant. Are you forgetful with names? These CDs will teach you how to effectively remember names of multiple new people. Brain Sprouts Memory System teaches you how to remember speeches, new vocabulary, songs, foreign languages, and numbers. The key to the system is visualization techniques combined with tapping into aspects of our mind which we normally neglect.

The Brain Sprout’s Memory System is now available as mp3 downloads.

Brain Sprouts should be in all schools in America and all assisted living residences.

This is the most amazing program on memory I have ever heard. I listened to it and used it the next day teaching. My students learned their vocabulary in half the time and aced their tests. I was able to memorize names faster and better than ever in my life. I went to parties and could remember people’s names I’d just met even after a drink, and still remembered their names after the end of the night.

I think this program should be mandated by the White House to be in every school in the country. Plus it grows your brain and can increase brain capacity. That is a big hope as we age to stay cognitively strong.

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