Brain Sprouts Memory System (mp3 download) Plus 30-Minute Consultation


Brain Sprouts Memory System an effective technique of teaching people how to memorize and how to improve their memory on issues that matter to the partici-pant. Are you forgetful with names? These CDs will teach you how to eff ectively remember names of multiple new people. Brain Sprouts Memory System teaches you how to remember speeches, new vocabulary, songs, foreign languages, and numbers. The key to the system is visualization techniques combined with tapping into aspects of our mind which we normally neglect.

3-1/2 Hours of Step by Step Instruction for Students, Professionals and Seniors

This program now includes a 30-minute consultation with Vicki Mizel by phone or FaceTime. In this private consultation, we can discuss any of your issues or questions concerning memory and longevity.



Brain Sprouts Memory System mp3 download is the digital version of the four CD training series comprised of the following training modules:

1. Introduction
2. Goals/Making Lists
3. Vocabulary
4. Advanced Vocabulary
5. Remembering Names
6. Large Amounts of Information
7. Numbers
8. Advanced Numbers
9. Formulas
10. Alternative Method
11. Overcoming Absentmindedness
12. Relaxation and Receptivity


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