Imagine walking into a room and be able to memorize the names and faces of each and every person you meet.  What a wonderful feeling, a wonderful attribute to have. Nothing is more melodic to someone than the sound of their own name. It gives you command of their attention, They think you care about them because you remembered their name. That helps you in business, in friendship and in your personal life.

Join me in the Amazing How to Remember Names Course

In this 3-1/2 hour program, you will learn:

  • How to remember anyone’s name even foreign or unusual names.
  • A technique to use at your command that gives you confidence.
  • The steps to insure you recall the person’s name correctly.

During the first session you will learn the method of association.

During the second session you will learn how to turn information into tangible pictures and make associations with them.

In the third session you will learn the technique for making associations with the person’s face and name.  You will practice the rest of the time integrating all the steps and recalling people’s names.


You will take home the entire audio series on MP3’s of the Brainsprouts Memory Training Methods and you will be able to use and practice ALL of the memory techniques and enjoy for the rest of your life!

Per person price is $500.00  fully guaranteed if you follow and practice all the steps accordingly.

20% Discount for Corporate Groups

15% Discount for seniors and students.